Bamboo Cafe Pangandaran

 If you've got a hankering for steak, pancakes and sandwiches as well as Indonesian favourites such as nasi goreng, this is a good spot to try :D at Bamboo Cafe Pangandaran.
 We provide a menu of european foods, indonesian Foods, chinesse foods, and of course Seafoods, cocktails, fresh juices, coffee, beverages imported and local rice wine.
 if you really tired and want live rilex at pangandaran beach maybe you must read it  bamboo house pangandaran hotel That place same author with bamboo cafe pangandaran.

bamboo cafe pangandaran


Bamboo cafe pangandaran best cafe and resto at pangandaran beach

 If you want to go to West Java, don't forget to stop by Pangandaran Beach, there is a cafe that is great for relaxing while looking at Pangandaran beach views , and also besides relaxing at bamboo cafe pangandaran you can also enjoy various kinds of food dishes because the menu at bamboo cafe pangandaran is so complete.

Place at bamboo cafe pangandaran

So close pangandaran beach

live dj at Bamboo Cafe & Resto Pangandaran

We remind you again that the Bamboo Cafe always held a Live DJ every Saturday night
The event was enlivened by Pangandaran DJ Team, featuring DJ Ogie, DJ Adit, DJ bule and friends
and me hahahaha iam not sure for play dj musik , i think pangandaran dj team is the best dj in here so come come here
live dj at bamboo cafe pangandaran

People happy in bamboo cafe pangandaran

Looking beauty front bamboo cafe pangandaran at night

 the night atmosphere in bamboo cafe is so beautiful with a natural look combined with the lights on

bamboo cafe pangandaran night

Party at bamboo cafe pangandaran

Meat and great bamboo cafe pangandaran

Menu bamboo cafe pangandaran

 Breakfast, soup, salad dressing, seafood, steak, ice cream, traditional snacks, omellete, chicken satay (sate), spaghetti, nasi goreng etc You can see the full menu at bamboo cafe pangandaran website.
 fresh juices, coffee, imported drinks, cocktail, local rice wine (bamboo arack attack), cold beers, soft drinks etc.
 Feel free for contact us if you need more information about us.

Bamboo Cafe & Resto Pangandaran

Address : Jalan pamugaran pantai barat Pangandaran, Indonesia, 46396.
Phone : +62 81 313 718 567.
Email :
or visit us at web

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